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Quickly switch GMail to Basic HTML mode

5/1/2022, 10:04:47 PM

I often have to toggle between a number of GMail accounts because even though they are managed by Zendesk, occasionally ham is caught by GMail's spam filter and never makes it to Zendesk. I've had enough important messages fall through that I became suspicious, and then discovered that I have replies and incoming leads being caught almost weekly!

Anyways, in short, GMail takes bloody forever to load anything that isn't Chrome, and the UI is not very snappy. Clicking "Use Basic HTML" at the bottom left is pointless because it doesn't actually trigger right away, and I've already waited many seconds before it sends me to that interstitial page asking me if I really wanted to use Basic HTML. Oh the horror.

In the future, just append ?ui=html or /h/, and voila!, watch your mailbox load in .5 seconds, flat.

So in the future, accessing your main mailbox would be Note the trailing slash, that's needed.

I really miss when websites prioritized speed.