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A heartfelt kudos to the team

9/29/2021, 9:10:59 AM

The customer support heroes1 at have finally declared that their extended period of intermittent downtime is tentatively over 🎉


For the last two or three weeks, service has been down due to a random DDoS from as-yet-unknown bad actors. While one can always point the finger and say that should have been prepared, it is quite difficult and expensive to prepare for something like this.

I have been using as my carrier of choice for my talk and text, and while this outage has been inconveniencing, I am glad that they are back and all the better for it. The team there kept their customers updated as much as possible, with multiple updates on Twitter. Their service is extremely economical (pay-as-you-go style pricing), and they should be extremely proud of being able to weather the storm and come out a winner.

I was quite dismayed to see many responses to their updates, full of vitriol and hate for their outage. I understand that people depend on as an upstream provider, as they allow reselling of their service, so it was a smidge more inconveniencing for them, but a ransom DDoS is something that is still relatively new in the grand scheme of things, so it is not a surprise that they were caught off-guard by this., you've earned a customer for life. Interested in using Sign up using my completely-obvious, not-hidden-at-all referral link here, and get a free $10 credit!


1 I use "heroes" completely unironically here – the team at were as transparent as possible given the circumstances, and had to put up with a lot of abuse from their customers.